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WooServers.com Hosting Review – How I Started my Hosting Res
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Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:26 pm    Post subject: WooServers.com Hosting Review – How I Started my Hosting Res  

Hello there,
Summing up the services of the WooServers.com I would say they are wonderful. Registered about 20 websites on their domain and was amazed by their 24 hours support. One fine day my websites stopped loading and I called the help desk ticket number helping to resolve the issue. It was resolved within 10 minutes!
Let me admit it was super easy to install the FTP tools and uploading process was a breeze. Registration of domain was perfect with a minor glitch. Tools couldn’t recognize my credit card while I was purchasing the domain name. Company offered email accounts for the website but my client reported problems related to forwarding of the message however, it was resolved very quickly and efficiently. Due to awesome customer services my websites rarely face breakdowns. I was stunned and speechless when the executives resolved the problems in a deft and easy manner. After my valiant efforts I was able to make my website up and running. It is made in PHP with My SQL database with the application tier helping to solve the problems. My website is progressively becoming faster. Static content is promptly displayed and dynamic information is displayed according to the preferences of clients. The option to open FTP account is easy and efficiently sets up the software for further usage. Website suffered down time with Linux based servers but after registration of the trouble tickets technical executives handled the problem remotely and made my clients happy. I am technically challenged but still manage to configure the email account and web domain space. I am pretty sure that I could search for other hosting providers but WooServers.com are in a class of their own due to cost and range of options offered to the customers. Services fall under the ambit of paid support with users facing long queue on the telephone but response is quick and fast. I liked the attitude of the support staff that listened to the problem patiently and proceeded to tackle them effectively. Individuals will be attracted to the user friendly interface and efficient network.
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