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PSU providing web hosting and preinstalled online stores
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Joined: 27 Jan 2005
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Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 12:13 am    Post subject: PSU providing web hosting and preinstalled online stores  

I have been thinking about adding a new service to PSU. Since PSU out grew its shared server a few months ago it is now on a beefy server. A Intel Dual Xeon 3.06Ghz, 15,000rpm U320 SCSI drives in Hardware RAID 10, Hot-Spare drives, zero downtime during failure, Hot-Swap drives and fans, replaceable on the fly, Redundant Hot-Swap power supplies for all those tech geeks.

Many people on this site seem to be looking or a place to host there online store. They are either starting out or already out grew there current host and need to find one with more felaxibity and features or already have a web host and need a ecommerce and shopping cart setup on it. Well PSU is getting lonely on its new server. I wanted to ask what everyone thinks about PSU providing cheap robust web hosting.

I would like to get everyone’s opinion. Would this be something you would be interested in? How much would you be willing to pay? What services would you want on it? (Someone already mentioned sending html newsletters), what ecommerce sites would you like to see preinstalled? What other services would you want? I know there are a lot of web hosting out there but I wanted to make something more geared towards the online selling and auction community. I could build tools that would import your shop to froogle, etc.. The features are endless you just tell me what you want. We already have a community of people with there own online shops so support would be excellent.

I will have a demo site setup soon so you can play around and try out the web based interface on managing your web host for anyone who has not used cpanel.

So far I have come up with you can either have a simple host package where you can install your ecommerce site yourself or have a ecommerce host package preinstalled with your choice of oscommerce, zencart, agoracart, interchange, etc..,

Some features of the server are

• Apache (cpanel version, includes mod_ssl/frontpage extensions)
• PHP (cpanel version)
• Subdomains, unlimited email accounts
• Webmail: SquirrelMail
• Database : MySQL (Default)
• phpmyadmin
• Web/Mail Stats : Analog, Webalizer, Awstats, EximStats
• FTP Daemons : pure-ftpd (available)
• Mail related : Spamassassin, autoresponders, mail filtering, mail forwarding, majordomo mailing list manager and spamd (spamassassin daemon).

Updated 02/10/06
I have just finished setting up the "PSU Stores"
You can take a look at them here
admin page login "demo" password "pass"

admin page login "demo" password "pass"

After testing many shopping carts and looking at all the features PSU hosting will be offering two e-commerce packages Zen Cart and PSU Stores. We will also be offering a non e-commerce package for people who just want a simple about me homepage to link to their auctions (I will be working on this next) and another hosting package where you can install anything you want.

The difference between the two e-commerce packages is:
Zen Cart is geared more towards e-commerce with the ability to post other content. All the files for Zen Cart will be on your server and is not managed. It will be up to you if you choose to keep up with the latest versions and patches. We will be providing some custom PSU tools and site templates with Zen Cart.

PSU Stores is a modified version of Joomla and Virtuemart. It is geared more towards a content management system with the ability to run a full featured online store. All PSU Stores will be sharing a central code base, which we maintain and can update. All the need files will be on your server so you can edit the way your site looks and runs. We will also be providing site templates.

Both sites will be able to handle very large stores and output froogle feeds. If you have lots of experience and want total control Zen Cart will work well for you. If you don’t want to worry keeping up to date with software updates and patches and are afraid of accidentally messing up your store PSU Stores is a good choice.

Please contact me if you are interested getting a test site setup. Your hosting will be free untill we go live. Then you will get some free bonus months after that. Estimated cost will be less then 10 dollars month.
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Joined: 25 May 2005
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Location: Wi

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 10:28 am    Post subject:  

Frankly, if it's just host services, I say go for it.

Providing hosting services isn't the same as having an auction site here, at least not to me. Many of us are looking for good places to branch out to , if PSU has a good one, why re-invent the wheel ??

Besides, I'm sure it's costing PSU quite a bit just to have the bandwidth to run this board so we can all be buddies and learn from each other. If he wants to do a little "sub-dividing" to get back some of his expenses, I say "go for it".

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Joined: 24 Feb 2005
Posts: 12601
Location: Texas

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 12:15 pm    Post subject: Re: PSU providing web hosting and preinstalled online stores  

Ditto Carol......

Many users here are attempting to branch out into using more of their own unique ways in which to generate sales online--So PSU could offer user friendly services to assist it's registered users here...

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Joined: 06 Feb 2005
Posts: 249
Location: lamps.LDGifts.com

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 12:17 pm    Post subject: Re: PSU providing web hosting and preinstalled online stores  

I think it is a fantastic idea! Everyone here already knows how well you are at support, and I think you would be an ideal host. Everyone looking for a hosting site that is here could just get it from you, seeing as you are so trusted.

I have 2 websites that I paid for in one lump sum a few years back. They no longer offer this to their members. So, I think a one time lump sum, or for those who do not have the money for that to do a monthly service. I had to pay over $300 each for 300mb of space plus all of the above mentioned perks plus MySQL db's and a few more things.

I say go for it!

Good Luck!
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Joined: 28 Sep 2005
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Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 12:25 pm    Post subject:  

You are right, knappschiles, PSU is doing a good thing as far as business planning and certainly is likely to offer a better product and service than a lot of others out there.

But it does completely change the nature of this board for those of us who also offer services. I was invited into this group for the purpose of connecting with others who share concerns about sellers suffering from "corporate market abuse", if I may coin a phrase. PSU was not presenting itself as a marketting board at that time.

With a change to hosting, this board will necessarilly become a supportive leg of the PSU business. It may still be an excellent place for fellowship, networking, and education, but it will change in significant ways.

I may even purchase PSU services. It can be a very powerful and good thing for PSU to move in this direction. It changes the nature of the playing field for those of us who also offer web services as far as our participation in this board is concerned.

That's why I offer my group as another place people can stop in for a spot of tea and post a link. I will primarily be using it as a newsletter-sender, with a monthly ezine, so it may well be worthwhile for others at my level to stay in touch there in order to be able to place announcements in it, even if they don't have a lot to say.
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Joined: 03 Nov 2005
Posts: 639
Location: The Sunshine State

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 12:44 pm    Post subject: Re: PSU providing web hosting and preinstalled online stores  

I think it sounds like a great idea!
We pay annually for our hosting. Which by paying annually, we bring the cost down to $99.00 a year. For that, we receive 1000mg space and 40mgs of Bandwidth, 5 databases (extra databases are $10 each-one time fee), pre-installed paypal, and oscommerce carts and the ability to add your own merchant account gateway, as well as submission tools, java applet plugins, PHP, MYSQL, PHPNuke and Bulletin Board, Gallery, Awstats and a lot more. But of course our host, isn't totally geared for selling, such as some of the features you mentioned.
For the right service at the right price, we would be willing to change hosts. (although I have to say, our host has been very good! I would feel a little guilty lol) We get internetseer reports and our site has never been down unless WE had it blocked (such as the past two days).

I would like to see more features though as many features that are available, we don't use, and the ones we need are not available.....so, we would definitely be open to other options, and would definitely like to hear more about your idea!
I'll be keeping my eye on this thread.

Happy New Year everyone and the best of success to you all in 2006!
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Joined: 02 Jun 2005
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Location: CA

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 1:58 pm    Post subject:  

I use the "Swamp" version for 14.95/month at hostgator and have over 30 sites running on this one. Since 10 of these sites are from customers and pay me $10.00/month I am pretty happy :)

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Joined: 08 Apr 2005
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Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:24 pm    Post subject: Re: PSU providing web hosting and preinstalled online stores  

I don't think it will change the nature of the boards at all really, and is a positive way to keep the community funded.

Jim from OTWA has OCM, OTWA's marketplace site, and yet he still runs ads for other auction sites, and he even started a TOPIC PROMOTING an alternative to eBay (whaBAM) and spoke well of it.

I think it's a great way to generate funding and traffic to PSU, and another method of making Power Sellers Unite a site to go to for sellers to work at becoming independent of eBay.
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Joined: 08 Mar 2005
Posts: 3293
Location: Corpus Christi, TX

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:32 pm    Post subject: Re: PSU providing web hosting and preinstalled online stores  

I see absolutely no conflict of interest in this idea. I think it's a natural step to take, actually. I'd love it even more if PSU would create it's own auction site. You KNOW I'd jump on that wagon!

I know I also have absolutely no clue what he says he's got up there. :lol: But I know if PSUnite says it's good, it is. I think he should go for it.

If he can beat the deal I'm about to take, I'd move again. LOL

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Joined: 01 Feb 2005
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Location: San Antonio, Texas

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:43 pm    Post subject: Re: PSU providing web hosting and preinstalled online stores  

I think it could be a good thang!....
I was actually thinking over the holidays about how PSU could generate some more income to help...personally I would even Pay small yearly dues just to continue to have this site keep running.....
:shock: But Hey..That's Just Me :shock:
It's been a fantastic year of information & conversation that I haven't experienced anywhere else...
Who knows..having a Hosting service would probably bring in business for members like TeaPotDee...and us others that do web graphics & even consulting fees....could be a great way to generate personal buiness as well as help with the sites expenses....

One thing I would not like to see along with the Hosting would be a barrage of banner & advertisments....which would make this less of a "Home" & more Commercial....
.....It's a Fine Line....
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Joined: 27 Jan 2005
Posts: 6199
Location: Columbus OH

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:51 pm    Post subject: Re: PSU providing web hosting and preinstalled online stores  

This is defiantly not a conflict of interest for the site. It will actually help accomplish one of the sites missions which is to help sellers become less dependent on ebay by helping them open there own online store and introduce them to alternative auction sites. I am going to build tools that will output a datafeed form the online store to foogle or other alternative auction sites. I will really be offering webhosting geared towards ecommerce. You don't even have to pick one of the online stores we offer. You can build your own, put a blog on the website, make it a your own personal homepage. It will be your site your domain you have complete control. We will just provide hosting.
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Joined: 08 Apr 2005
Posts: 2556

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 3:02 pm    Post subject: Re: PSU providing web hosting and preinstalled online stores  

I think this will be quite successful, because, as PSU said, it's geared towards ecommerce and those in the OAI. We might even consider using it ourselves if it's easy enough, as we'd love to get our own site up soon, and we were planning on hosting from home!

PSU would create hosting that would make sites geared towards our wants and needs from auction sites, and that would be really nice (i.e. Froogle feeds).

PS: I would love a PSU auction site, but no pressure!
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Joined: 01 Feb 2005
Posts: 562
Location: San Antonio, Texas

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 3:14 pm    Post subject: Re: PSU providing web hosting and preinstalled online stores  

.sure I would like to see a PSU auction format...but I think that it would probably interfer with the postings of other New Auction sites that are trying to establish a presence...other sites come here becuase of the potiential of gaining new members & support suggestions...a PSU auction site might defeat the open & equal ideas of this forum...
....PSU-BAY... ??? probably not now.
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Joined: 12 Feb 2005
Posts: 6135

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 3:22 pm    Post subject:  

WE LOVE the idea.. PLUS maybe a AUCTION
site?? :lol: (repeats self) :oops:
JB & Lana
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Joined: 08 Apr 2005
Posts: 2556

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 3:23 pm    Post subject: Re: PSU providing web hosting and preinstalled online stores  

LOL @ PSU-bay! Oh, I understand the conflict of interest there, but I don't know if that would be the case. Many sellers don't sell exclusively at any one auction site, and I don't know that many auction site owners would pass up the chance to communicate with sellers because PSU has an auction site.

A PSU site would be one I would use in addition to other sites I deemed worth trying.
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