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iOffer and Big (Warner) Brother(s)
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Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:28 pm    Post subject: iOffer and Big (Warner) Brother(s)  

As with others who've had legitimate Warner Brothers DVDs products taken down - Iím having the same problem with offer with WB making incorrect claims - My account is now permanently suspended over two items (Which bands me a "repeat offender" - they were pulled down 20 minutes between each other,but done at 11:50om one day,and 12:10pm the next which makes it look even worse!) and I've lost 200 un-retrievable listing I can't even access the data on and I was doing ok there. Seems your guilty until proven innocent - it's like nepolianic law! I'm concerned I'll be getting a cease-and-desist in the mail.

IS there no recourse? There no Name of contact person at WB to contact, so it's no one to direct a letter to - can't just send a random letter to them - it'll go right into the shredder. On line research hasn't yeiled even a name. As reported in other threads,you can't get a real person on the phone,and no response,or canned repones from the email. )I wonder if they even monitor it.)

It sickens me that you are branded a criminal and ioffier washes their hands of the situation. ioffer must be very paranoid if they won't even left you answer the charges and defend yourself. even eBay is better in this regard. (Not by much)

Perhaps I could find another way to get back on ioffer. I have another account on ioffer I signed up (before the account that was suspended) for but didn't activate for selling - if I activate it, can ioffer match information (CC on file,address,etc) to my pulled account and pull this one,too?

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Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:28 am    Post subject:  

Yes they can match your data.
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