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Body count of the 'Craigslist ripper' continues to rise
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Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:19 am    Post subject: Body count of the 'Craigslist ripper' continues to rise  

As the body count of the 'Craigslist ripper' continues to rise, police reveal that the Long Island serial killer's spree may have gone on for more than four years.

Investigators believe his first killing may have taken place before July 2007, when the first known victim went missing, and said the four newly discovered bodies appear to have been buried before the four others they had previously found.

Detectives are now trawling missing person's reports and trying to identify all the victims to determine for certain how long the killer's rampage lasted.

The disclosure raises the chilling prospect that the community of Long Island in New York had a serial killer in its midst for much of the past decade as residents living there say they now fear going out in case they should become his next victim.

The search for Shannan Gilbert's remains continues after it was revealed the three new bodies found did not belong to the prostitute.

Police have expanded their search amid fears that the bodies of even more victims have been dumped somewhere in the dense undergrowth.

Suffolk Chief of Detectives Dominick Varrone said the bodies of the four prostitutes found in December were left above the ground over a quarter-mile area.

Each was placed some 50ft from the side of Ocean Parkway and 500ft apart.

The latest four, however, were buried some distance away and much deeper in the thorny bushes.
He said: ‘They may even pre-date some of the bodies we found earlier.'

The earliest of the four identified victims went missing in July 2007 whilst the latest was September 2010.

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