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12 MLN still using Firefox3.5 - Mozilla wants them to update
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Joined: 24 Feb 2005
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Posted: Tue May 17, 2011 11:23 am    Post subject: 12 MLN still using Firefox3.5 - Mozilla wants them to update  

According to Mozilla there are some 12 million Firefox 3.5 users out there surfing the interwebz, but Mozilla now needs them to upgrade to a more recent release. And Mozilla has drawn up plans on how to accomplish this mass move.

Firefox 3.5 users have two options. Mozilla would prefer that they upgrade to the latest Firefox 4.0.1 release, bringing them bang up to date. Alternatively, if they donít want to go to Firefox 4 (perhaps because a plugin isnít supported) then Firefox 3.6.x (currently 3.6.17, with 3.6.18 planned for release June 21st).

So, how will Mozilla deal with those still using Firefox 3.5?

more.. link to news article
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Joined: 31 Dec 2008
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Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 12:36 pm    Post subject:  

My parents upgraded *shudder* I don't want to! They messed up with the layout and now some of the buttons are harder to find and I find I am always clicking "open in new window" instead of "open in new tab" :(
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Joined: 21 Mar 2007
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Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 2:14 pm    Post subject:  

I now can't print USPS First Class Mail International shipping labels at eBay with the new Firefox upgrade to 4.0.. still can w/ IE8
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Joined: 25 May 2011
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Posted: Mon May 30, 2011 8:24 pm    Post subject:  

Thanks for the reminder. My secondary browser is FF 3.5.x. I'm not big on chasing the latest upgrades for all of my software applications, but it's about time to move off of 3.5.

Just got a new PC, so installing that from the ground up will take care old-Firefox, as well other problems.

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Posted: Tue May 31, 2011 8:46 am    Post subject:  

I got a new PC in March only because the old one was crashing all the time even tho none of the anti-?? programs could find any baddie on it.

So the new PC has all the newest versions of the programs I use (FF 3.6 tho as 4 hadn't been released quite yet). But what a PITA. About 1/2 of the stuff I used to run doesn't work right now. Win 7 is a PITA for many things even tho better for other things. I still can't get some basic settings to be the way I like them.

I hate upgrades just for the sake of an upgrade.

If it aint broke don't "fix" it.

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