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Introducing 3Dsellers eBay applications
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Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:09 am    Post subject: Introducing 3Dsellers eBay applications  

We focus on developing applications for eBay sellers that improve the online shopping experience.

Our product portfolio consists of the following applications and:

"Store Live Chat" the first live chat application for the eBay platform.

Take customer support to a higher level.
"Store Live Chat" lets your buyers contact you, the seller, via an online chat.
The chat integrates with popular IM clients such as Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, MSN and our eBay web client.


"Currency Converter" the app that everyone loves.

Embedded in your listing pages, "Currency Converter" lets your buyers calculate item prices and shipping rates in their local currency or in any foreign currency they desire. The calculation is online, accurate and quick.


"Share Your Items" unique and productive.

Turn your buyers into salespeople.
Share Your Items is the only app that lets your buyers share eBay items with their friends.
The app adds social networking buttons to your listings and sends a customized email to your buyers offering them to share their purchase with their friends. In addition, add Like & Recommend Facebook counters to your listings, Twitter tweets and much more.


"SocialStore" Connect Facebook and eBay.

All your eBay items under one "Facebook rooftop" at the click of a button. With "Social Store" you can create a customized Facebook profile/fan page displaying all of your eBay items quickly and easily. In addition, the app sees to it that your Facebook page will always be in sync with your eBay store.

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