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Hi from an Aussie now in Shenzhen, China
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Joined: 08 Dec 2011
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Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:46 pm    Post subject: Hi from an Aussie now in Shenzhen, China  

Hi everyone im mark, born and raised in melbourne, australia been on ebay for over 10 years. Just moved to china, shenzhen to start my new online business.

if any one got questions of need help just ask im always ready to help.

great forum, should of joined long time ago.
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Joined: 09 Dec 2011
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Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:32 pm    Post subject: Re: Hi from an Aussie now in Shenzhen, China  

Hi Mark,

It's good to see you here :)

How is Shenzhen, China?

Keep us posted on your online business...
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Joined: 08 Dec 2011
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Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:30 pm    Post subject: Re: Hi from an Aussie now in Shenzhen, China  

hi frank, living in shenzhen compared to melbourne, australia. bit of a difference. my apartment is in futian right next door to the famious seg electronics building and other wholesale markets. The area is very very busy with people running around from 10am to 3am.

Living wise its ok, business wise is a challenge. Everything is time consuming, just ordering few headphones can be a few hours wait as they arrange stock. Quality is always up and down and need to be checked on every order. Also finding original stuff is a challenge, alot of suppliers i know here like to sell one model for few different prices pretending one is real , one is fake A or B. Normally if the copy is in good condition they will try to pass it off as fakes. Biggest issues now in shenzhen is the apple shops, looks real, everyone in uniform but there is only 2-3 offical stores in shenzhen to my knowledge yet there is over 100 offical stores haha in big malls and streets crazy.

Main issue i had so far was payments in china, paypal here is restricted. i can only withdrawl 2 times a month, my alt is to cash out in hk banks, where i lose more money, USD cash out to HK is in HKD, then HKD to RMB slight lose in exchange.

If anyone needs help with shipping, payments, audit checks just ask, esp if its in shenzhen i can help out. helped afew people checking companies to see if they real or not.
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Joined: 12 Jul 2008
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Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 2:37 pm    Post subject:  

Wow! What a way to live; never knowing if something is authentic or fake, and people constantly trying to take advantage of you. Definitely a different culture.

I used to live in the San Francisco Bay area. Quite a few Asian people live there. I love donuts in the AM and used to pick them up on my way to work at a particular donut shop. That donut shop was sold to Asians. Next thing I knew, I would get to work with my donuts, and they were stale. Two days later, I bought only one donut. Took a bite of it when I arrived at work, and sure enough, it was stale. Never had that problem with the previous owners. Needless to say, never went back to that shop.

I could tell you all kinds of stories along that line. Eventually I moved to southern CA by the ocean. But, I never forgot my experiences up there.

Good luck to you!
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All Things Luxury

Joined: 26 Sep 2011
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Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 6:40 pm    Post subject:  

Welcome to the forums!
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