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Seems angies list isn't the only scam rating site
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Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:33 pm    Post subject: Seems angies list isn't the only scam rating site  


Over the past year, I have attempted to get some clarity and assistance from Yelp. I have had no success except that its sales staff has repeatedly advised that if we would only advertise with them, they could "help us."

We believe that is extortion.

Many others share our concerns. Yelp doesn't listen. There have been several suits filed in regard to these concerns and more coming. Again, that cannot bode well for Yelp.

I and others have asked Yelp to adopt what we believe to be reasonable solutions, including:

1. Don't filter reviews. If the site is supposed to be "Yelper" driven and democratic, so be it. Post them all!

2. Allow businesses to opt out. Not that we have opted in, but if we don't want to be on the site, then take us off.

3. Give businesses a chance to post comments or respond at the top of their Yelp page where the public can read it before going to the reviews.

4. Post the filtered reviews where they are easy to find and review. Many customers of ours have had their reviews of the Fior filtered out, and they are livid. They don't understand why this is done, nor do we.

Bob Larive is the president of Fior d'Italia Inc.
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