Power Sellers Unite

Our mission is to raise awareness about the recent price increase on Ebay and gather feedback from unsatisfied users. We also aim to showcase alternative online marketplaces and provide a platform for small business owners to promote their own e-commerce sites. By joining our community and sharing your experience, you can help us make a case for fair pricing and a more diverse e-commerce ecosystem. Additionally, we provide an opportunity for small businesses to showcase their stores in our storefront section, allowing users to easily find and support independent sellers.

PSU Mission

At PSU, we believe that everyone should have access to fair and affordable online selling and buying opportunities. That’s why we were founded in response to the unjust fee hikes imposed by eBay on both sellers and buyers.

Our mission is to provide a platform for all online market enthusiasts to connect, share their knowledge and experience, and explore alternative options to eBay. We are committed to helping sellers, buyers, and online store owners to find the best e-commerce solutions that meet their needs and budget.

Our community is made up of a diverse group of people, from seasoned e-commerce experts to new online sellers, who share a passion for online trading. We offer a variety of tools and resources to help our members navigate the ever-changing world of e-commerce, including site navigation tools, free auction tools, and multiple search options.

At PSU, we are committed to fostering a fun and engaging community where members can discuss and debate all aspects of e-commerce. If you have any questions or interests that are not covered by our existing resources, feel free to ask and we will do our best to help you.

Join us today and become a part of one of the fastest-growing online e-commerce communities. Share your online store with us and we will feature it on our Users Storefronts section so that other members can discover your products. If you have any news, information, or updates you want to share, please contact us.